Our Mission

To empower you with the tools and strategies necessary for you to move in the direction of more and to be successful in your life and business. To make a global impact and serve as a catalyst 4 change in all aspects of our community and business. To effect change globally in leadership, collaboration, partnership, and economic diplomacy.

Our Founder

Dr. Tammy’s passion is to help you discover yours, spark a reaction that precipitates change. She chooses to educate, serve, and push others to aspire for more…more than their best. In the mist of reaching our goals, we encounter challenging people or situation. Therefore, she also helps you address those people or situations head on. Dr. Tammy recognizes people as a “whole” person. For this reason, she creates a human experience for her clients. In order to get to a place of learning and embrace our greatness, we must explore the self and be open to education and knowledge.

More information about Dr. Tammy can be found on her personal website.