Blockchain/Web 3 Consulting

Catalyst 4 Change Global blend of curriculum and instruction experience, blockchain/Web3 knowledge, and business development are unique. We understand what is needed to strategically help you reach your goals and turn your dreams into reality. We’re passionate about technology innovation, community, creativity, and ownership. These elements have the ability to transform and elevate how leaders, entrepreneurs, small businesses and institutions leverage Web3 technology to create a purpose-filled approach to meet the needs of those they serve. To inquire, you may set up a 20-minute Discovery call or email us at [email protected].

College and Career Consulting

Catalyst 4 Change Global assists with retooling, upskilling, or reskilling. We help those seeking educational or career opportunities to remain competitive for the future, right now. Our services are designed to align your purpose with your goals and bring people, information, and resources together to increase educational and job attainment globally. To inquire, you may set up a 20-minute Discovery call or email us at [email protected].

Blockchain/Web 3 Education

Catalyst 4 Change Global offer monthly educational meeting, Blockchain Empowered Conversations. C4C Blockchain Empowered Conversations with Dr. Tammy are held monthly. During these meetings, we discuss all things blockchain and more–blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, Web 3.0, metaverse, future of education and learning, future of work, future of business, blockchain for business, digital transformation, generational wealth building, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and more.

Dr. Tammy leads these discussions. She also invites guest experts to share their expertise and knowledge. The purpose of these meetings is to serve as a catalyst to help you prepare (personally or professionally) for the future, specifically the digital future, the digital now and discuss strategically how you can achieve your goals. These meeting occur both virtually and in-person. Please check our current calendar for upcoming meetings. You must register for these sessions.

C4C Global also participants in and collaborates with other Web 3 educators and brands to offer affordable Web 3 education. Follow us on social media @c4cglobal1 or join our Telegram group for announcements about other educational opportunities.

C4C Brand Ambassador Program

C4C Brand Ambassador Program is a collaboration program. This program is designed to provide our community with opportunities to collaborate with C4C for the retreats and workshops. Ambassadors build relationships with each other, like-mind Ambassadors. In addition, they build their network and platforms, as well as obtain other benefits.  Each of the Ambassadors are local to the area of the events and/or knowledgeable of event locations. Our brand ambassadors represent Dr. Tammy’s brand in a positive light, increase brand awareness, and assist with public relations and planning events. 

Ambassador Collaboration:

  • Assist with brand awareness in your local area 
  • Help select an appropriate venue and act as a liaison with venue’s point of contact 
  • MC the event in your local area 
  • Serve as a resource in your local area 
  • Share promotional materials and links on your social media platforms 
  • Share promotional materials in your local area 
  • Assist with pre and post event planning and follow-up 

If you are interested in the program or learning more, please complete this form

Catalyst 4 Change Travel

Trips and Tours

Throughout the year, the C4C Global Travel Community take trips and tours both domestically and internationally. These trips and tours are intended as an opportunity to connect with others and explore more of the world. They are filled with sightseeing, culture, food, and entertainment while providing you with the best value for all you will experience while traveling. For the international group tours, we collaborate with our travel partner, Brand New Travels to create unique experiences that inspire and educate.  


The C4C Conscious Connections Retreats are life changing! We have a blast, yes fun, and get empowered and inspired by amazing women and men to move in the direction of more and prepare for what’s next. We discuss strategies and create an action plan for us to execute. These retreats are a unique experience and worth the investment in you. We also have some amazing guest experts who present and share with us too.

The Manifesting More and Purpose Planning workshops are hands-on and range from 3-hours to 6-hours in length. These workshops help you get what you want—manifest more. Dr. Tammy travels to deliver these workshops in different locations—both domestically and internationally. Look out for a workshop near you.  

During the workshop, you will: 

·         Work!  

·         Learn the top planning on purpose strategies. 

·         Clarify your vision. 

·         Create an action plan. 

·         Identify and write down your goals for the next 90 days. 

·         Establish first steps to implementing and executing your plan.

·         Determine the benchmarks to evaluate and track success.


·         Plus a 20-minute follow-up session with Dr. Tammy. 

·         Plus a workbook for the class. 

If you have the Playbook already, bring it with you! Dr. Tammy will show you how to use it to your advantage and answer any questions you may have. If not, the workbook with the templates required for this workshop will be provided.   

NOTE: Spaces are limited. Your spot is not secure until payment is received. 

Dr. Tammy on Tap

“Dr. Tammy on Tap” sessions are hosted by C4C Brand Ambassadors. These are 1-2 hour face-to-face Purpose Planning Pop-Up sessions or meetups as her schedule permits. This is an opportunity to strategize with her one-on-one or in a small group. 

Author Academy

The Author Academy is a space for authors or aspiring authors to tell their story (stories). The writers in the academy are either contributing to a writing project or writing their own book and have chosen Dr. Tammy as their writing consultant and strategist and/or Catalyst 4 Change Global Publishing to help them publish their book.

Offerings and Opportunities:

  • Book consultations and strategy
  • Writing retreats
  • 90-day Idea-to-Book Program
  • Annual anthology projects (RASA Project)
  • C4C Global Entrepreneur Magazine

Send inquiries to [email protected]