C4C Travel Community

This group is for those men and women in the C4C Global Community who would like to travel to explore more and/or attend one of Dr. Tammy’s Conscious Connections events. Dr. Tammy welcomes any of her community members, clients, friends, family, and/or those serious about seeing the world. This space is dedicated to keeping all informed of any information and updates regarding trips, international tours, upcoming retreats, travel tips, and any other pertinent information related to our travel. Dr. Tammy also shares her personal tour dates and locations for seminars and meetups. This community’s primary objectives are to connect with others and explore more by traveling the world. Let’s go!!! 

C4C TFit and Wellness Community

This community, Sisterhood, is to share wellness and natural solutions, ideas, and education. As a strategists, I know that in order to be successful and prepare for what’s next on life’s journey we must be well. To step into your purpose and walk with passion, you must address the mind, body, and soul. This community is dedicated to those women who desire to give special attention to their body and want to do that with like-minded women. 

 In this community, you find:  

  • Natural solutions for you and your family  
  • Self-care tip and opportunities to take care of you  
  • Education in how to effectively use essential oils and other natural products appropriately for your mind, body, and soul   
  • Workout challenges and virtual wellness classes to inspire you to get active  
  • Suggestions for supplementing your daily diet  
  • Inspiration, motivation, and encouragement 

Conscious Catalysts Global Reading Community

This community actively supports and encourages you to walk in your passion, step into your purpose, and live in both spaces comfortably. This community connects you with other women and men from around the world. This community focuses on pushing you to “what’s next” for you and equipping you with tools, strategies, and resources to do so. We have crucial and courageous conversations around the topics and ideas that are relevant and important to how we navigate and create change in the world. 

 A big part of this community is our personal and professional development book club, also known as Literacy Catalysis. Literacy catalysis is using reading and writing (as well as speaking and listening) to increase the rate of change within us and around us. However, we also share information around the topics of empowerment, self-care, leadership, collaboration, partnership, and financial literacy. Currently, this is a FREE community. Thank you for joining us on your journey toward more! 

*Disclaimer: Currently, the communities are located on a social media platform, Facebook. Therefore, you will be redirected to Facebook and required to sign in to join the group. If you have any questions  or concerns, please email us.